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Since our launch in 2011, Nerium International has grown exponentially and continues to surpass all projections. Our rate of expansion is unprecedented in the relationship marketing industry and has garnered attention from many. Whether tracking our dedication to our favorite charities, our recognition received from prestigious awards, our commitment to exceed our record-breaking sales, or our red carpet appearances for NeriumAD, find out why thousands are “looking better and living better” with Nerium. The NeriumAD product line speaks for itself, but while our products are improving skin, our company is changing lives.  

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Young Company Exceeds Expectations

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Nerium International

  • Nerium International
  • Jeff Olson, Founder and CEO, Nerium International
After enjoying a virtually glitch-free launch in late August of 2011, Nerium International has proceeded to make history in several areas. In Nerium’s first seven months, their monthly volume has achieved what only a very small percentage of companies in the industry have. The company is the youngest to ever be featured not only inSuccess from Home Magazine, but in Direct Selling News as well. Founder and CEO Jeff Olson points to the science behind the flagship product, NeriumAD. “While researching the uses of the Nerium oleander plant, Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. made an accidental discovery: Nerium oleander possesses unique qualities that produce remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. By partnering with Nerium Biotechnology, we’re able to bring an exclusive product to market. Our purpose is to build a global brand of breakthrough products in the anti-aging skincare market.” 
In third-party clinical trials with ST&T Research, NeriumAD produced a 20-60% reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. This revolutionary breakthrough has resulted in high customer satisfaction and explosive growth. 
Nerium International’s first national conference will be held in San Diego in early July. Olson is clearly excited about the company’s momentum thus far and anticipates even more explosive growth in the next three months: “We’re already operating at levels that most companies take five to ten years to hit. Going into San Diego as a 10 month old company... I can only imagine what we’ll be doing then!” 
National conferences are known for pulling out all the stops, and Nerium’s Get Real Conference is no different. “This will be the first time that all the leadership will be together with the whole field,” Olson states. Additionally, attendees will be able to meet the team behind the science. Dennis Knocke, Chief Executive Officer of Nerium Biotechnology will be in attendance, as will Dr. Robert Newman, medical advisor to Nerium Biotechnology; Donald Smothers, President, CEO of Natural Technology Incorporated (Naturtech); Michael Scott, director of ST&T Research; Joel Curtis, Director of Farm Operations; and Joseph Nester, Chief Financial Officer.
The Get Real Conference will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, a location second-to-none when it comes to hosting spectacular events. Olson sees the conference as a true launch of the company: “For ten months we’ll have been actively working corporately and in the field. At the Get Real Conference, the field and our corporate staff will come together for the very first time.”
Nerium International has been fortunate to attract high-quality people, both in the corporate office and in the field. Bolstered by a strong social media presence and revolutionary marketing materials and support, Nerium Brand Partners enjoy a dedicated, highly experienced corporate team.
Nerium firmly believes in rewarding its Brand Partners for their hard work, as evidenced by the move to its Nerium Gives Back program. Says Olson, “We believe in our Brand Partners so much that we’re willing to take the risk to do something that’s never been done in this industry: we're willing to stock the field's inventory for free. Every time a Brand Partner enrolls a new Brand Partner or Preferred Customer to the company, we send the enroller a free bottle of product.” Nerium International has also invested in a state-of-the-art communication system to allow Brand Partners to easily track their prospects and assist in growing their business. “We are constantly refining our tools so that our Brand Partners are always at the forefront of technology and communication,” says Olson. “We’ve also built, and are constantly adding to, a gallery of pictures of people’s real results from using NeriumAD. These are submitted by customers and Brand Partners who want to share their successes with the world.”
Nerium International is focused on not only developing the business side of Brand Partners, but on personal development as well. Brand Partners enjoy a wealth of these materials – both virtual and in print - through Nerium’s Real Life Library. “We are committed to giving our people the tools that they need to be successful,” states Olson.
To this end, Nerium International has announced a partnership with SUCCESS Media. Through this relationship, Nerium will host the SUCCESS Symposium at the Get Real National Conference.  This will be an afternoon of personal development training from some industry legends. Says Olson, “Our passion is to create a business that allows people to live life to the fullest, develop as leaders, build lasting relationships, and have fun—all while building a solid business.  We know from experience that development of self is one of the most important factors in creating the successful life you desire. To truly invest in our Brand Partners, Nerium is helping subsidize the cost of admission to the Success Symposium for its conference attendees, enabling many Brand Partners to attend the event for free!
Olson points out several factors that differentiate Nerium in the relationship marketing industry. He points to NeriumAD: “The fact that we have an exclusive relationship with our supplier allows us to be at a very competitive price point. The results of both our clinical trials and the before-and-after pictures consumers send to us speak for themselves. Additionally, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.”
Olson stresses that now is the perfect time to join Nerium International. “For a person to get started right now and show up in San Diego with his or her team – that person will see his or her business jumpstarted by at least a year. This is a phenomenal opportunity for people to not only change their financial destiny, but to be part of history.
“Nerium International is clearly headed for lasting greatness,” finishes Olson. “If you’d like to be going in same direction, you’d be foolish to miss this chance to change your future.”