Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., (Nerium) is an international research and development company dedicated to offering solutions that are based on proven science. Nerium’s research and product development has focused on the anti-cancer, anti-viral, immune-stimulating, and topical/dermal applications/properties of natural botanical compounds for beneficial use by the consumer. Development of our natural botanical products has been founded on this continuing research at leading medical institutions using the latest scientific methods and technology. The Nerium corporate business and research office is located in San Antonio, Texas.
Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. was incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act (Canada Corporation) and formed as a spin-off/acquisition of the Latin American operations of Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc., (Phoenix), a Texas corporation. Nerium now owns four Latin American corporations, collectively known as The Salud Integral Group, located in Central America.
Although Nerium and Phoenix are now two (2) separate companies, they share common shareholders (at acquisition date all shareholders of Phoenix became shareholders of Nerium). Both companies continue to receive reflective value from each other. Nerium from Phoenix’s continuing research and associated FDA Clinical Trial at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) in Houston, Texas.Phoenix from Nerium’s continuing cancer and antiviral research at MDACC, as well as various other research institutions and clinical programs.
Research at MDACC on our natural botanical compounds has led to the re-discovery, identification, and development of well-defined Nerium Extracts from the Nerium oleander plant. Continuing research and utilization of proprietary extraction technologies provides Nerium the opportunity to develop a pipeline of Nerium Extract-based products.

Nerium Divisions / Subsidiaries

Nerium Commercial Farm Operations – USA Based
USA-based commercial farming operations have been established for the cultivation of the Nerium oleander plant. From our environmentally responsible and earth-friendly farming operations, fields of naturally grown Nerium oleander plants provide the raw material for Nerium’s botanical extracts. Utilizing strict biomedical field protocols, the farm provides a dedicated and renewable biomass resource reserved exclusively for biotechnology research, product development, and production.
Nerium SkinCare, Inc. - USA Based
Nerium SkinCare provides for the development, formulation, clinical testing, manufacturing, and product commercialization to the consumer for the "first of its kind" natural skincare products for topical use. Nerium SkinCare's products are founded the on the technology, core science, and continuing research of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc.
Distribution: Nerium SkinCare is excited to announce that an exclusive licensing partnership agreement for product distribution has been signed between Nerium SkinCare and Nerium International, LLC.
Salud Integral Group – Latin American Operations
Salud Integral Group logoToday, Nerium holds a unique position in the international pharmaceutical sector: It has a well-defined Nerium Extract-based product that represents the “first of its kind” botanical drug containing cardiac glycosides for potent inhibition of the proliferation of cancer (Anvirzel™)The Salud Integral Group, based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, provides for distribution and integrates the manufacturing, marketing, and sales ofAnvirzel™. Two additional products have been approved, HIviral™ and HEP-viral™ by the Honduran Health Ministry and a dermal cream application is pending.

Social Responsibility

Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. is focusing its research efforts to develop products that conform with the new paradigm for the socially responsible approach to the treatment of cancer as described by the National Cancer Institute.
The new paradigm seeks to develop therapeutic agents and treatment regimens that will enable physicians to eventually deal with cancer as a chronic condition rather than an acute condition and enable patients to live extended lives with a high or improved quality of life.