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Nerium’s Recipe for Great Skin

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Think about this: you wear your skin every day. Fortunately, nothing is more beautiful than showing off healthy-looking skin. Unfortunately, our skin can sometimes look less healthy and more weathered. What’s more, you may be hiding your best asset by covering up because of perceived problem areas you don’t want to see (and maybe don’t want others to see): dimples, cellulite, and wrinkles. But you’re in luck, Nerium International has an age-defying solution for you: Firming Body Contour Cream.

Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream reduces the appearance of cellulite and works to tighten and firm loose skin on a number of areas, including upper arms, thighs, stomach, and love handles for a more youthful-looking body. Massage just a quarter-sized amount of product into targeted areas for a minimum of 20 seconds or until fully absorbed twice a day for optimal results.

Two-Step Process

Beautiful skin requires more than your average department store beauty products. Truly healthy-looking skin must be nourished from the inside as well as outside with skincare solutions proven to work and a diet that encourages commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. For a little bit of guidance with a whole lot of results, follow our two-step process.

Step One: For a youthful-looking appearance, nourish your skin on the outside with age-defying skincare solutions, including an advanced, lightweight cleanser, Age-Defying Night and Day Cream, and Firming Body Contour Cream. You can look your best when using Nerium’s transformative line of age-fighting skincare and wellness products.

Step Two: Ever wonder why you’re craving a little something extra? It’s because, in addition to the outside, you’ll need to address your skin’s needs on the inside with foods that are filled with nutrients and lots of flavors (always a bonus!). We want you to look good and feel great, so here are two of our favorite recipes that will help you put your best face (and body) forward!

  1. Keepin’ it Berry Smooth
    Eat or drink your way to younger-looking skin with a diet that’s loaded with berries – with a high concentration of antioxidants and phytochemicals, adding berries to your diet will help you get one step closer to clearer, firmer and more youthful-looking skin. Step up your smoothie by mixing 1 packet of Youth Factor™ Superfood & Antioxidant Boost Powder with your ingredients. Youth Factor features body-fortifying antioxidants and much-needed servings of fruits and vegetables to help boost your body into its optimal state of wellbeing. Use in conjunction your Youth Factor™ Complete Vitality Complex daily tablet for optimal benefits.


  • 1/4 cup frozen or fresh blueberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen or fresh raspberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen or fresh strawberries
  • 1/4 cup kale
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 packet of Youth Factor™ Superfood & Antioxidant Boost Powder



Mix 1 packet of Youth Factor Superfood & Antioxidant Boost Powder with 8 fl. oz. of cold water. Add Youth Factor and water mix with remaining ingredients in a high-power blender and whirl until smooth. Serve and sip away to smoother skin. Enjoy within 15 minutes after preparation. Additionally, take 1 tablet of Youth Factor™ Complete Vitality Complex daily with food. This daily supplement’s ingredients work at the cellular level and helps support optimal function, maintenance, and repair of your body, inside and out.

  1. Green with Envy Green Tea Smoothie
    Consumed in the Far East for thousands of years to promote overall health and longevity, green tea is deemed the Wonder Drink of the West for its miraculous anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. This delicate brew attributes its age-defying superpowers to a potent concentration of catechin polyphenols – a disease-fighting flavonoid and antioxidant that scavenges our bodies for harmful free radicals, one of the main causes of premature aging. Make one of these delicious, thirst-quenching smoothies after a workout to keep you going with the rest of your day. In addition to healthy-looking skin, and a nutritious smoothie, supplement your diet with EHT Brain Formula – a product developed to boost wellness, memory, and focus. Take 1 tablet mornings with food for optimal results.


  • 1 cup of prepared green tea – allow it to cool and do not sweeten it
  • 1 cup of key lime yogurt
  • ½ cup chopped mint
  • About 6 or 7 ice cubes
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • The juice and zest from 2 medium sized limes
  • 1 tablet EHT Brain Formula


Place all your ingredients, except EHT, in a high-power blender and whirl until smooth. Serve immediately. Supplement your diet or smoothie with 1 EHT tablet. EHT works great with foods that contain healthy fats like yogurt and avocado or nuts. Sip your way to smoother, younger-looking skin.

Do you have any recipes you would like to share? How do you keep your skin looking younger and better than ever? Share your comments below.


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Friday, October 20, 2017

Holiday Party Season is also Firming Body Contour Cream Season

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When stores place their Christmas decorations on display well before Halloween, it’s a sure sign that the calendar has shifted to holiday party season. Whether it’s a gathering of close friends, a family dinner around the Thanksgiving table or the sometimes-dreaded office party, the holidays can bring “gifts” of stress and worry – and those don’t pair well with fun and celebration.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make holiday parties memorable and enjoyable because no one wants to look back on a year’s worth of accomplishments and have bad memories of celebrations that fell flat. Consider one or more of these quick tips:

Modify Your Diet

Often our lives become so busy that we forget the basics, like three square meals each day. Working longer hours at the office helps meet deadlines (especially during the hectic holiday season) but that can also mean resorting to eating from vending machines in the break room – or just skipping meals.

Simplify your diet with a mix of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Consider taking these three steps to eating better from Live Happy Web Editor Emily Wise Miller and give your body the nutrition it needs to finish the year strong. A change before the holidays will put you ahead of the curve for resolutions in the new year!

Nerium International

Start an Exercise Routine

Besides being good for your body and helping to jump-start a resolution for 2018, exercise will help center your mind for the holiday party obstacle course ahead. Getting up early to work out, run or even just walk around the block will give you an instant energy boost – and help fight the afternoon blahs.

Regular exercise also makes us happier – and that’s a great step toward making any holiday gathering more fun. Nobody wants to be the Grinch who ruins the party for others. Consider using exercise to make you not only look but feel better.

Relax – It’s Just a Party

Gratitude often gets lost behind stronger emotions such as fear, anger, or envy. Thanksgiving – one of the major holiday events in the last three months of the year – is a time to be grateful for blessings of home, family, friends, and food.

Instead of seeing a holiday party as a burden or a requirement – as we are all prone to do – think instead of those who aren’t as fortunate to spend time with others.

Use Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream

A final tip for surviving the holiday party gauntlet is to have happy, healthy skin. Nerium International has a daily solution that can give your upper arms, stomach, thighs, and love handles a more toned look: Firming Body Contour Cream.

Body Contour Cream, with the exclusive NAE-8® extract, works to improve skin’s appearance, diminishing the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. It also provides soothing moisture, leaving skin feeling softer and more hydrated. In independently conducted clinical trials, 92 percent of participants saw positive improvements on their thighs and 92 percent also reported an increase in skin hydration.

Reward yourself this holiday season with a twice-daily treatment of Body Contour Cream. Think of it as a gift that will continue through the next year – combined with your new eating, exercise and gratitude habits. Smile – it’s the most wonderful time of the year, so get ready to party with friends and family!

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Silencing Self-Doubt: 5 Steps to Overcome Your Insecurities

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During rare moments of downtime, I find myself reflecting on how different my life and mindset are now compared to 10 years ago. The funny thing is that if I had listened to the voice in my head when I started my career, none of this would ever have become my reality. I struggled for a long time with self-doubt, especially starting out in this business. There were so many areas where I felt I might not be “enough.” I’m too young to be taken seriously. I am too inexperienced to be a leader. This list goes on… Despite working extremely hard these “not enough” thoughts silenced me into not fully stepping into my role as a leader. I had to learn how to re-write the narrative that was going on in my head.

If I had succumbed to my self-doubt, I would have given up a decade ago. I would have safely stayed in my comfort zone, too fearful to dream big and too fearful to act on my dreams. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past decade, it’s this: If you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.

Climb Your Way to the Top

We all have dreams, hopes, and passions. Even though we set goals for ourselves, it’s human nature to doubt the process and to doubt our own ability. You may have heard me say this before, but when your comfort becomes more important to you than your calling, misery is imminent. If self-doubt prevents you from chasing your goals, you’ll never reach the top. The time is now to silence your self-doubt. If you don’t do it for yourself. No one will.

Push Past Your Comfort Zone

One of many lessons my dad taught me is complacency has never lead to the creation of anything. All great moments in life comes after you risk something for them. Taking risks is an essential part of being successful. As if taking risks isn’t stressful enough, critics will likely surface while you’re pursuing your goals. That’s ok. In fact, that’s great! Here’s how I deal with critics: Never let anyone who’s not brave enough to pursue their own dreams, diminish yours.

The Danger Zone

Here’s the thing: Sometimes, it’s hard to not listen to what critics say. Whenever you hear that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or you don’t deserve your good fortune, remember, you have a choice to either succumb to the criticism and be silenced or decide that your dreams are too important to be silenced. The decision is yours. Be courageous, and never forget that courage is not the absence of fear but rather courage is the acquired ability to move beyond that fear.

Live an Unsilenced Life

This is how I see it: You have two choices. Either you stay where you are, and there’s nothing wrong with being content. Or push past your fears and imagine the possibilities that will become available to you. For this reason, I would love to share a few tips that have helped me push past my fears and silenced my self-doubt:

  1. Identify Silencers: Pay attention to the unproductive and negative self-doubts that appear in your mind. They likely surface when you think about going after a goal or trying something new. Once you’re able to recognize those mental roadblocks, you’ll find it much easier to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Think about it this way, if you’re only focusing on your perceived flaws or on what could go wrong in any given situation, it becomes impossible to focus on everything that could go right — and, that’s where your head must be!
  2. Overcome Self-Doubt with Positive Affirmations: Use affirmations as a way of reprogramming your mind into believing the stated concept. You see, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not; so, by replacing those negative beliefs with positive stated beliefs you’re consciously and unconsciously learning to think in a new way. If you’re worried about getting started, here are a few examples.
  3. Invest in Yourself: Make the time to read 10 pages of a personal growth book a day or listen to 10 minutes of an uplifting podcast. Take the time each day to grow your “belief muscle” so when you need to use it to push past your fears you’ll be ready.
  4. Surround Yourself with People You Want to Be Like: You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with the most. Take stock of who those five people are and make sure that they are people who believe in you and lift you up. If you want to have more confidence, surround yourself with confident people.
  5. Shake the Haters Off: One of the hardest decisions you will make on your success journey is distancing yourself from “haters” and deciding to listen to your calling, not your critics. And here is a fact — the more success you obtain, the more critics you’ll have. It has to be true, even T-Swift wrote a song about it! 😉

Remember, people aren’t naturally born gifted leaders. What true leaders do differently is that they move beyond fear because they know their calling is more important than their comfort which is why I’m going to ask you this: since your story is still unwritten and you get to write the ending, share with us how your story will end. Will it end in comfort or in courage?

Let’s continue the conversation on a Facebook Live Event this coming Wednesday, October 11, at 4:30 p.m. CST. Visit my Facebook page on the day at the right time and click on the LIVE event displayed at the top of the page or send this link to prospects. If you’re sharing the event with a prospect, they must LIKE my page prior to watching us LIVE.

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Need a Lift? 4 Ingredients to Help Firm, Tighten and Tone Your Skin

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Sagging skin is a problem we all must face someday. No matter how bent out of shape you get about it there’s not much you can do to change it. Yes, it’s true that physical activity can improve your flab, sag, and hate handles. Drinking plenty of water in addition to exfoliating and moisturizing your skin can also certainly improve the unsightly signs of overindulging – fun, sun, or otherwise. But, here’s the deal, you can fight back by using products containing exclusive ingredients to target the signs of aging and address the damage already done.

One of these products is Nerium’s Firming Body Contour Cream – a clinically tested solution to sagging skin. In fact; independently conducted clinical trials revealed that 92% of participants reported positive improvements on their thighs and skin hydration. The latter finding comes as no surprise as Firming Body Contour Cream doubles as an advanced body moisturizer that works to smooth and hydrate skin and improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. While sagging skin remains a challenge, using products containing specific ingredients is the first step to smoother, firmer and tighter skin.

Here are four top ingredients that can be found in Firming Body Contouring Cream:

  1. NAE-8: A patented, proprietary extract and powerful antioxidant derived from nerium oleander and aloe vera, this ingredient helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Green Tea: A well-known antioxidant that guards against environmental damage. This natural ingredient helps to slow down the aging process and will help to make your skin appear younger and healthier. Rich in antioxidants, green tea neutralizes the free radicals that are present in your body.
  3. Caffeine: Another free-radical fighter! Helping to stimulate circulation, caffeine smooths the appearance of dimpled skin in addition to protecting skin against premature aging. Dermatologist Cheryl Karcher, MD, explains, “caffeine has been shown to constrict blood vessels,” which is why, she says, it’s possible that applying caffeine-enhanced products to trouble spots for the appearance tighter and firmer skin.
  4. Peptide Matrix: A blend of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan, peptide matrix helps skin restore firmness. “Peptides are active molecules that send signals to your cells,” according to Truth in Aging. “When collagen breaks down, it forms specific peptides that signal to your skin that it was damaged and needs to make new collagen.” Applying peptides to your skin allows your skin to react to a perceived loss by start making more.

Find the Right Solution for Your Skin Type

For a full list of ingredients, visit our website.

The truth is, more people should take interest in what ingredients go into their skincare products to make sure the product offers the best possible solution for your skin.

Dermatologist Sherry Ingraham, M.D., explains, “you want to optimize and give your skin the building blocks we had in our youth.” For this reason, Nerium International offers a line of innovative skincare solutions to help transform your skin by reducing many of the major signs of aging and the underlying causes.

Still not entirely sure if Nerium’s age-defying skincare solutions are right for you? Let Nerium show you how Firming Body Contouring Cream will not only help to tone and tighten your problem areas but also lift your mood and confidence after you see the results.


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